Mental Health: Covid-19; if this is hoax…

Then I would hate to experience the real thing.

Once again my partner and I made the horrible decision [a couple of weeks ago] to live apart because of her work in ER. ML specializes in mental trauma so you can imagine she is tired beyond belief.

I have suffered many years from severe anxiety but I won’t go over the reasons here, they are irrelevant to this diary. Every time we lock down my support goes away  and the anxiety comes out to play, I hardly sleep and have to force myself to eat, then I get viscerally irritated.

What was needed to be done was so simple, it does not take much effort, keep your distance, wash/sanitize your hands often and wear a fucking mask. It’s not so hard to do. Then when some sodding asshole declares it all a hoax and nothing to worry about, I get mad. It is not just the bucket of piss in the White House, there are many others “resisting in the name of ignorance” basic science, however some assholes have bigger mics than others.

I want others suffering mental health issues/crises during this time to know you are not alone, it will get better, eventually, just hang on. It’s hard I know.

There are professional helplines, just hearing another voice can help more than you think.

I wonder if my anxiety would like to play with a ball of string rather than my head?