Memorial Day Weekend and the truth about dying is dying even after the war. Honor them.

This is a different kind of post honoring those who gave all.    First we need to understand that men and women who wear the uniform and march to battle are courageous folks and Memorial Day is not Veterans Day.   It is a day to honor those who have given their lives.

  ( Trigger Warning ) 

I feel now that Memorial Day is not just for those who laid down their lives on the Battlefield but those who died too soon due to the Battlefield and aftermath of war.   I know many many veterans who have suffered and died long after they returned home.   I have seen their suffering and watched their widows cry tears of heartache and pain long after the return home.  They died due to the scars and effects of that war.  We never mention them on Memorial Day.

There are Veterans who are on this site who say, “I was killed in Nam, I just haven’t laid down yet”.  I have heard this said many times by many different combat vets.  Suicide claims so many lives a day from our veterans.

22 veterans commit suicide each day.  This comes from every branch and every war that we have engaged in.

Many die from PTSD  episodes, chemical effects such as agent orange, depleted uranium causing heart disease, ischemia heart disease and cancers of all kind  and IMO, broken hearts.

I cannot think of one friend I had in school and only one cousin that is still among the living who served in Vietnam.   Some of my dearest and best friends are gone.  They are gone too soon and most died very emotional and painful deaths.   Cancer got most of them.  Suicide claimed some and then some form of brain injury or heart disease.

These souls gave their lives to war just as sure as those who died in battle, on the battlfefied.  

Let us remember those who have died after the battle was over and remember their familes.   War is so useless and claim some of the brightest and best.  I also want to state that these veterans or most have had to fight to get their deserving benefits, even when they were very sick and many did not survive to even see their benefit obtained.  Many did not live long after getting their deserved benefits.   It just should not be this way.   

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Please do not say Happy Memorial Day this weeked.   There is nothing happy about a day to honor those who have left us too soon.   Say, “ Peace to you, or Remembering Memorial Day, or Safety to you this Memorial Day, or thinking of you but please do not say Enjoy your holiday or Happy..It is so inappropriate.

Remembering all those who laid down their lives this memorial day.…

  • May 24, 2019
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