Memorial Day is hard anytime.  A time of rememberance and for military and vet families, it is very hard along with many holidays.   This year is even more trying.

We have more soldiers  in the healthcare industry who have died on the front lines of trying to save lives and ultimately losing their own with the Cornovirus. 

This was has been handled with not properly preparing the soliders with the war gear known as PPE and tools such as masks and ventilators.  The commander in Chief is not Commander and no Chief.  CIC Bone Spurs never sacraficed anything and this year more veterans died as experimental guinea pigs for his mythical wonder drug.   

Bush never properly equipped the Iraq and Afgan vets with the body armour and   this war is taking casulaties and the fault lies on the lack of Republican leadership.  ( As usual).

Remembering all those who have died in needless wars to the healthcare workers trying to fight this one who have given all.   Not all battles are lost from bullets and explosives.   Many are lost from lack of good judgement and lack of battle tools.   

May God have mercy on all those who will suffer for years to come with PTSD due to the guilt of the patients lost.   We have been remembering soldiers who fight the good fight but pass too soon from the enemy they were fighting.   

This Memorial Day, we still honor those who died from mortar shells, bullets, IED’s, and this year from the lack of compassion and ill preparared administration plus the testing on sick and elderly veterans including those in VA nursing homes.  

This memorial Day we stand to honor these healthcare soldiers who have sacraficed and died in battle as well.

  • May 24, 2020