Obstructionist Republicans have been blocking common-sense gun laws for years, even as the laundry list of gun massacres continues to grow. The radical maneuver comes against overwhelming public support for Democrat-backed legislation. If ever there's been an example of an entire political party in America completely out of step with the country, this is it. So why does the press constantly inform news consumers that “Congress” is to blame for the lack of action, instead of Republicans?

That question became even more pressing in recent days, following the murder of 31 people during hate gun rampages in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, where gunmen toting AK-47s and AR 15s set out to kill as many civilians as possible. Democrats remain united in desperately wanting to pass new laws, while Republicans stand in the way. Yet “Congress” is being blamed.

“Despite frequent mass shootings, Congress has proved to be unable to pass substantial gun violence legislation, largely because of resistance from Republicans,” the Associated Press reported in the wake of the recent tragedies. But no, it's not the fault of “Congress.” It's the fault of Republicans, and there ought to be absolutely no confusion in the media. Americans are increasingly bewildered by the lack of legislative action on guns, and the press blaming “Congress” simply gives the GOP a huge pass.

This happens constantly. “Congress rarely acts on gun control despite mass shootings,” a CNN headline recently announced. “Congress has long struggled with addressing gun violence in America, even in the wake of mass shootings going back to Columbine in 1999,” CNN reported. A Time headline lamented, “Why This Weekend's Tragedies Probably Still Won't Be Enough to Push Congress to Act on Gun Control.” The magazine noted that “lawmakers in Washington have so far been unable to unify around a legislative fix.” USA Today claimed “Congress has consistently rejected attempts to tighten gun control regulations in the aftermath of other mass shootings.” And Politico stressed that, “after this weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, pressure to reform gun laws has focused on Congress—and, as usual, Congress seems stymied about what to do.”

See? “Congress,” collectively, just can't figure out a path forward on guns, according to the press. This is categorically false—and everyone in the media knows it. Everyone knows it because the GOP has been proudly and radically obstructionist on gun laws for more than a decade. So why the blame game surrounding “Congress? Why not spell out precisely what's going on?

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