(not so?) random thoughts

Today is the 2nd of 11 days of our spring break. A part of me would like to totally ignore anything related to my teaching until I have to again start to plan, which I would like to delay at least for the next full week.  But even though I assigned no work for over […]

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“We are no longer the world’s laughingstock.”

That is one line that jumped out at me from this Washington Post opinion piece by Jennifer Rubin that describe Joe Biden as “Distinguished ol of the week” while pointing out that “No progress was possible without Biden”. I  am taking time from planning, writing tests, and grading papers for the forthcoming final week of […]

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Half a million

Offered without comment: # Country, Other Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Total Recovered Active Cases Serious, Critical Tot Cases/ 1M pop Deaths/ 1M pop Total Tests Tests/ 1M pop Population World 110,137,899 +112,356 2,432,192 +3,736 84,963,082 22,742,625 96,866 14,130 312.0 1 USA 28,384,461 +3,241 500,038 +47 18,481,341 9,403,082 18,716 85,437 1,505

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Some thoughts now that the impeachment is over

since 1995 I have been a secondary social studies teacher, most of the time teaching US Government in some form or another, especially since I first began teaching in a high school in August of 1998.  I have been a “classroom” teacher of government for 3 of the 4 Presidential impeachment trials in American history.  […]

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Force votes – put them on the record

While I totally agree that a certain new Representative from Georgia should at least be stripped of her committees — and realistically should be expelled from the House, although we know that will not that happen —  that does not go far enough. Everyone in the House and the Senate should be forced NOW to […]

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