GOP's Pedo Ring

Monsters…. all of them. đź“ş NEW VIDEO Retweet to expose the #GOPPedoRing — (@MeidasTouch) April 8, 2021

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Military voters have had enough of the GOP

While the Republican Party continues to devolve into the party of white supremacists, authoritarian fascists, and conspiracy theorists, they are losing their grip on many of the voting blocs they have always counted on to keep them in power. Several demographic groups are moving away from the Republicans, such as older voters and suburbanites. Other […]

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Fox fails again: Do not come for the Buttigieg unless he calls for you

OK, this is just getting embarrassing. Fox News keeps inviting Pete Buttigieg on, hoping to humiliate him in a “gotcha” moment.  Instead, their exchange always goes viral with #SlayerPete utterly humiliating them. AGAIN, and AGAIN, and still, yet AGAIN But like Charlie Brown and the proverbial football, Fox refuses to quit. Each time, new hosts challenge […]

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Dr. Birx now tries to say she was a victim. No, she was deadly complicit

CNN is airing a special where all of these doctors in the Trump administration are finally speaking out about the abuse and chaos that reigned when the pandemic first hit America one year ago. These people include Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Brett Giroir, Dr. Stephen Hahn, Dr. Robert Kadlec, and Dr. Robert Redfield. The doctors […]

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Insurrectionist insists that she won't go to jail because she has 'blonde hair, white skin'

Sadly, she might have been right.  It doesn’t matter how many police officers were injured or killed, how many were attacked with bear spray, fire extinguishers and flag staffs, or how many eyes were gouged, or how much feces were spread on the walls:  the rioters were white and privileged. But the cardinal sin in our justice system […]

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