August 19, 2022

Up is Down and Down is Sinking Fast

When the good ship Cheney sank into the Green River last night, and for a moment, I regretted

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A Trump Pardon Means the End of America

Trumpites were fond of saying promises made, promises kept at the end of his disastrous administration. They could

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Republicans Fiddle While America Burns

Democrats have an opportunity to simplify the treacherous and near treasonous behavior of Donald Trump. Plain talk is

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Commentary|‘Lordy’ There are Tapes, Toilets, and Search Warrants

Since the legal  FBI search—not a raid—was revealed to have taken place at the Trump property in Mar-a-Lago,

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IS Ron Johnson the Next Toe to Fall Off?

Democrats have wanted to invest in climate control for twenty years and, at the least, take the issue

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