Reorienting around the Orient

I know quite a number of Pakistanis being a student at Ohio Wesleyan. Not all of them care that much for politics. But of the few who do, there is a general sentiment that Chinese is the new language of the global market. As the US continues to fall in the respect of Pakistanis, China […]

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Guns, Guns, and Guns

As my parents were divorced since I was two, my dad would pick both me and my younger brother up from my mom and take us every other weekend. He had a super Nintendo with two games that my brother and I spent our lives with: Mario and Duck Hunt. When I was in the […]

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The “Chick-Fil-A” Standard

When Boston Mayor Thomas Menino came out against Chick-Fil-A after its CEO expressed opposition to gay marriage, numerous grassroots campaigns throughout the nation followed suit encouraging people to take their business elsewhere. If your Facebook is anything like mine, it’s probably full of statuses standing with, or against, the Boston Mayor. What puzzles me is […]

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