“Housing A Human Right” Film Screening & Panel

Live from the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center, Rise Up Kingston Presents “Housing: A Human Right” Film Screening & Panel  

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Unpacking Blood Quantum

Very important discussion… “Blood quantum for is subtractive… One drop rule is expansive…all to advance and continually uphold white supremacy…” The sins and conjuring up of a fictional racist construct needs to be continually illuminated in order to really understand what we are up against and free ourselves. “Blood quantum. The percentage of Native “blood” […]

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Bernie Sanders Is No Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin- I think it is absolutely true that we should look at the full person that we identify with and exalt because they may have characteristics that are similar, but we also should tell their full truth and not parts that make us feel good or that we can relate with- they can be […]

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