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Keith Olbermann: Still Crazy After All These Years

Yes – that crazy, liberal, Progressive, left-leaning Keith Olbermann is still at it.  He's still...

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Ex-Mossad Chief Calls Netanyahu’s Iran Speech ‘Bullshit’

I don't bother reading the Times of Israel.  As newspapers go, it's rather too right-wing...

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WaPo OpEd: Former St. Louis Cop Speaks Out

Does any American seriously NOT know that there is a “Cop Culture” in this nation?...

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The meeting lasted well into the night, with the campus paper Daily Bruin unable to...

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Policing the Police – A “How To” By An Expert, Detective Frank Serpico

Fully-automatic weapons and armored vehicles used on unarmed protesters in Ferguson, MO., and the questions...

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