Republican National Convention is now a Political Advertisement

If the press isn’t welcome at the RNC convention, then the networks shouldn’t cover it as a media event. The RNC should have to pay for airtime by the minute as a political advertisement. That’s […]

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Just another country

There’s something very much like the Tiananmin protest of 1989 happening in Hong Kong right now, but it’s not 1989 anymore, so you wouldn’t necessarily know it—even if you dutifully watch the news. The news […]

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The opposite of being a deal-maker

So one implication of the Trump shutdown that I haven’t seen addressed in the media has to do with private contractors. Some smaller ones will likely have to shutter. Larger ones will bear costs that […]

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Obama goes to Wall Street

Seeing all these posts in enthusiastic support of Obama receiving $400,000 in exchange for a speech for Wall Street Bankers got me thinking.  He has every right to give the speech and to be paid […]

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“Getting things done” in Washington

An increasingly frequent refrain appearing in the media casts the democratic primary as a Manichean struggle between Sanders’ unrealistic goals and the staid pragmatism of Clinton.  Clinton, we are told, can “get things done,” while […]

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