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In defending Putin, Russian state TV accidentally labels Trump a fascist

Fascist death yam Donald Trump probably doesn’t understand why—or even whether—he’s a fascist. Since none of the history textbooks he “read” in college included either his name or a hollowed-out compartment in the shape of a Little Debbie […]

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'De-Nazifying' Russian troops desecrate a second Holocaust memorial

No wonder Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are best friends. No amount of gaslighting or tragic irony can trigger shame in either of them. The rampaging, “de-Nazifying” Russian army, which has spectacularly failed in its […]

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Weekly jobless claims fall to lowest level since 1969

If Donald Trump were still president and unemployment claims had dropped to their lowest point in 53 years, he’d be spitting out all-caps tweets like chicken bits into his bedside KFC-bone spittoon. That is, if he […]

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Ted Cruz caught chasing Twitter clout after abusing Judge Jackson—and his GOP pals were no better

The GOP is no longer a serious political party. It’s a vaudeville show, and all they care about these days is performing. Not performing good deeds, mind you. Just performing. And the top clowns were […]

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Who else is livid over the disrespect shown to Ketanji Brown Jackson during these hearings?

I have to hand it to Ketanji Brown Jackson. She’s a better person than I am. Granted, that’s not a high bar. She went to Harvard Law School and is on the cusp of a historic […]

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