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Likely Trump Org indictment could mean big trouble for Trump hotels, liquor licenses

While it’s certainly possible to party at a Trump hotel with just a Tony Montana-sized berm...

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Trump admin lawyers having trouble finding jobs post-Jan. 6. Violins shrink to quantum level

BREAKING NEWS: Saruman’s orcs are having a hard time finding jobs in the new post-Mordor economy....

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Former WH adviser Fiona Hill considered pulling a fire alarm during Helsinki Summit—to shut Trump up

I don’t know about you, but I used to feel pretty on edge whenever Donald...

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Proud Boy insurrectionist wants out of jail because he has an owie in his back

Donald Trump has ruined a lot of lives. Usually that’s a tragedy. But sometimes it careens...

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The question needs to be asked, repeatedly: Why do Republicans want to inspect children's genitals?

It’s sick. So, so sick. But that’s what Republicans are all about these days: inspecting...

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