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Anti-maskers show police a video of their assault on Oregon shop owner, are arrested on the spot (Video)

Really, how hard is it to wear a mask? The first civil war in this country was fought over the profound moral tragedy of chattel slavery. If a second one is fought because Donald Trump didn’t want to smear his topcoat of Sherwin-Williams Burnt Sienna, I will be officially depressed. Of course, Trump started this […]

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Yes, Aaron Rodgers, I'm canceling you

I grew up in northeast Wisconsin about 40 miles outside of Green Bay. So, naturally, I’m a Green Bay Packers fan. You might say Packers fandom is part of my DNA. So, in a way, anti-vaxxers are right. The vaccine—or at least one gormless Green Bay goober’s decision to reject it—has changed my DNA, and not […]

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Trump- and Pillow Man-endorsed gubernatorial candidate allegedly hangs with Nazi sympathizer, Q-bots

Didn’t Western civilization make a collective decision some years ago that Nazis were bad? I seem to remember learning something about that in my ultra-woke private Catholic school way back in the 1970s. We melt their faces off in movies and honor those who fought against them, and yet they still burrow into our body politic like […]

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Rudy fears 'mentally incompetent' president who lies all the time, and he's not talking about Trump

Oh, my gourd! Really? Rudy Giuliani is going to assess another human being’s probity and mental competence? Rudy Fiddle-Drawers Giuliani? The guy who sounds like a beef tenderloin who mysteriously came to life 20 minutes ago? That Rudy? Okay, so Rudes appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room Thursday to talk about … things. One item on the agenda was […]

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Frightened white woman tries to explain what's scary about school lessons on racism, fails badly

No matter how worthless a white person’s opinion is, the media will eventually seek it out. On a recent episode of CBS News Originals’ Reverb series, the network sent a reporter to find out what the fuck is up with critical race theory. Because we white folk are apparently the snowflakiest hominids in the history […]

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