Seriously, there is no bottom for these people. (Pun sort of intended). Politico is reporting some of the highlights (lowlights) in Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s new book “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.” One that jumped at me as reported by Taggan Goddard’s Political Wire was this piece of racist pettiness:

In her book, [Wolkoff] describes how Melania didn’t want to move to the White House right away in part because she didn’t want to have to use the same shower and toilet as former First Lady Michelle Obama and was waiting for the bathroom to be renovated.

Any possible microshred of sympathy I might have managed to conjure up for Melania just got flushed down the toilet. I mean, we joke about Biden having to fumigate the place (though, seriously, he will need to have it checked for bugs and booby traps) if/when he wins. But Melania for real did not want to park her ass where a Black woman had once sat.

(Oh, there were some other reasons for the delay; she was renogociating her prenup.)

This is a short diary, because now I have to run to the store for some brain bleach.

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