Melania still doesn't want to hold her husband's gross hand

Is this too petty, too picayune, too piddling an issue to make light of, even though it slings some well-deserved muck on the ocher abomination?

Um … of course it isn’t. After all, this is the same guy who can’t stand to look at John McCain’s name and embarrasses a proud nation of 300 million souls each and every day like it’s his job.

So without further ado …


Once again, Melania looks like she’d rather hold literally anything besides her husband’s clammy little naked mollusk of a hand. I’ve seen people pull bloody stumps out of garbage disposals with less alacrity. (I haven’t really but, you know, that’s not far off.)

Sorry, Melania. You signed up for this. Hope it was worth it.

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