Meghan McCain fighting for a dying GOP: I am a lifelong conservative, unlike a lot of these heretics

Meghan McCain just about lost it on The View as she described the degeneracy of the Republican Party. She described them as heretics.

Meghan McCain laments the state of the GOP

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One had to feel somewhat sorry for Meghan McCain. The life-long Republican has watched the Republican Party as she knew it under her dad's guides and others disappear. She calls those who now lead the party heretics.

Meghan demonstrated party affiliation is like a religion and it is something she is not willing to give up.

“I'll die fighting for it,” Meghan McCain said. “I am a life-long conservative, unlike a lot of these heretics. I was born into this; raised into it. It's my whole, entire life in all ways. And I am truly at the bottom of my soul; I think as all of you know, I believe in the principles are was raised on.”

Meghan said she is embarrassed by the QAnon conspiracy theories and more. But she is going nowhere, unlike the Lincoln Project folks and others. She knows she now represents a minority view in the party. Meghan complained that too many condemn all those who voted for Donald Trump.

I don't condemn them all. That said, there is a large number that should be. After all, the reasons some vote for Trump are to support their white supremacist and fascist proclivities. Some use willful ignorance to vote party over country. And some care solely about some personal financial outcome at all cost.

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  • January 27, 2021
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