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Meet us halfway.

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I have republican family members and I know right-wing fellow workers.I researched for the unions in the South for a decade.

  I’ve done collective bargaining to protect the health plan of an industrial worker group of several hundred union members who voted almost 100% for Trump in 2016.  The union staff was so shocked, we went out and had a stiff drink. 

An earlier Diary today gallantly refused to meet the reactionaries halfway on crucial issues.…

I’ve talked indirectly with these union members and other Red Staters about many issues.  Here’s my best guess about how Trump voters might suggest meeting halfway on progressive issues.

Please note I do not necessarily endorse any of these offerings. 

Here’s the responses of my imagined Trump Supporter.

We agree not to endorse Nazis.  We don’t like Nazis. We like Jews who are the chosen people.

We don’t like open borders because they are taking our jobs. 

But we have brown and black people in our church so we are not prejudiced.  People must obey the immigration law.  Many of us would support humane solutions.

Trump’s boorish treatment of women utterly appalls us.  But If we are vowing to not nominate predators that means Al Franken and Bill Clinton and Weiner and the guys in Virginia and South Carolina are out too.

Trump’s efforts to repeal abortion rights are so important that we were willing to overlook incidents of his sexual misconduct in the distant past. 

The right to firearms is in the Constitution.  Please propose gun control, it jacks up our turnout.

We are willing to discuss limiting the number of abortions.   Please be aware that many of us consider even one abortion to be murder.

I don’t oppose science, but I don’t want the government to take away my gas range and lawn mower and long gun and raise my electric bill.  Next they’ll want you to wear a mask in your own home or yard even if no one’s around, and here come the mask police.  I don’t even know any one who has COVID.  I’ll wear a mask to shop but otherwise it seems useless. 

It’s just stupid not to open the schools and businesses.

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