Meditation – Morality, Politics, Life, and more….

This has been a momentous, and somewhat difficult, week. Yes, that applies to politics and international relations to be sure, but it also applies to my personal experiences.

Last night my wife left for a weekend birding trip with her father and nephew, leaving me to myself. After puttering around, doing usual weekend tasks of laundry, house,and yard, wasting too much time unnecessarily, I left home — without either computer or book to distract me — and sat in my local Starbucks, earphones giving me access to a Shuffle of my I-Tunes library  of 768 tracks covering a wide expanse of musical genres, sat with a notebook and pen, and began to reflect.  Ideas came and went, and slowly a series of thoughts began to form into a semi-coherent something. This posting is a result of that, of walking around in the aftermath of a light rain smelling the freshness of the air without the annoying pollen that can so often torment hayfever sufferers like myself, and then a quiet drive home.

This may or may not be of interest to anyone except me. I can accept that.  I offer what appears below the fold in case it might.  Make of it what you will.