Medicare For All Updates!


In solidarity,  Dr. Bill Honigman for Alan, Mike F., Dan, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike H., and Donna—your PDA national team.

Tell Congress: We Need Medicare For All!


We need Improved Medicare For All (MFA)! Economists and health policy experts agree: MFA will save 10,000s of lives and 100s of $billions every year. The American people overwhelmingly support MFA. Give generously now to help PDA and our allies force the politicians to listen!

Even as we’re rallying in support of impeachment, our other work continues. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) held our most recent national webinar of our Healthcare Human Rights Issue Team last week on December 11th. You can watch it in its entirety here.


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PDAers Organizing For Medicare For All Need Your Support


In this monthly meeting, we discussed the monumental fourth hearing on The National Medicare for All Act of 2019 #HR1384 that was heard last week in the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health as presented by lead co-author Rep. Pramila Jayapal D-WA with expert collaborative testimony given by Jean Ross, R.N., President of National Nurses United.

We discussed ideas for further awareness raising including possible weekly vigils at the district offices of Members of Congress, and promotion of print media through more traditional and non-traditional outlets.

We also had a terrific update on organizing going on in the various states by longtime PDA activist and advocate Chuck Pennacchio, Ph.D. who is especially working toward more support and eventual passage of the newly reintroduced bill for State Based Universal Healthcare #HR5010, with more information on this effort available at

You can watch the webinar here

PDA wholeheartedly supports the Medicare For All Act because this legislation will provide comprehensive healthcare for all of us including, mental, dental, vision, hearing, prescriptions, medical devices, preventative, women’s health, long-term care, and more—all with no out of pocket expenses: no premiums, co-pays, fees, caps, or deductibles.

We need your activism now! Time is of the essence! To prevail, we need as many cosponsors as we can get! Call Congress at 202-858-1717 and Click Here to tell your Representative to Cosponsor Rep. Jayapal’s and Rep. Debbie Dingell’s Medicare For All Act.

Then, Click Here to tell your Senators to cosponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders’s MFA legislation. Also, Click Here to tell your Representative to cosponsor Rep. Ro Khanna’s State-Based Universal Healthcare legislation.

Get your exclusive PDA Healthcare Not Warfare T-shirt(s) now. Comfortable 100% cotton, American union-made, these shirts help us spread the message at parades, rallies, visits to Congressional offices, and during everyday wear. They make excellent gifts too.

Contact Deb for discounts on orders of 5 or more shirts. Order shirts and other items through the PDA Store now!

PDA helps you make a huge difference with Educate Congress letter drops, action alerts, and coalition efforts with dozens of progressive organizations. Email Mike Fox to make your voice heard on critically important policies.

We appreciate all you do to help make progress on healthcare and other issues. If you’ve never donated to help PDA help you pressure our elected officials, now is the perfect time. We need your support now more than ever.

Click here to pitch in $3, $5, or whatever you can afford to support PDA’s Medicare For All organizing.


PS: To achieve the progress we need, first we must elect more progressives. Join PDA investing to recruit and elect progressive candidates in 2020

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