It is mathematically impossible for private insurance to be less expensive than single-payer Medicare for All.

Insurance must pay hundreds of overpaid executives, duplicative services like advertising, rent, computer & database services, and more. They must pay shareholder dividends who are profiting off of your illness and potential bankruptcy. The evidence is that we are being ripped off with the support of every politician not supporting Medicare for All is that our healthcare cost many times more than anyone else. And our health outcome or worse. We live shorter lives.

The theory and the reality are in our faces, yet we allow lying corporatists and disingenuous politicians to screw us by legally stealing our money, our wealth, our assets. Above and beyond that, it is about empathy, morality, and math.

We must fight for Medicare For All now

Interestingly, ABCNews shockingly posted an article titled “Health care spending decreases under single-payer systems: Study” from a recent study that proves Single Payer Medicare for All not only saves money and insures all, but it also does it in the first year. This should not be surprising. Again, the math is simple. (Healthcare cost + OneSetOfAdministritiveCosts) is impossible to be greater than (Healthcare cost + ManySetsfAdministritiveCosts + ShareholderDividends + ExecutiveBonuses). It is an evil thieving fraud for anyone to attempt to sell any other message to Americans.

This is not difficult to understand. The healthcare industrial complex asks you to deny math and everything you understand about paying bills to have you believe they can be more efficient paying a bill than a single non-profit agency that does not have all the associated costs that ultimately YOU pay. They invest millions in deceiving you with your own money via organizations with nice-sounding names like Partnership for American's Healthcare Future. And all politicians that subscribe to their talking points are knowingly deceiving you as well, likely to fatten their personal and electoral coffers.

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