Oklahoma Attorney General Michael Rogers has notified Governor Kevin Stitt that an initiative to expand Medicaid has qualified to be placed on the ballot this year. More than enough valid signatures were collected in the fall to require a vote which will be known as State Question 802.

Stitt, a Republican who opposes expansion, gets to decide which election in 2020 the vote will occur. The Democratic presidential primary will be March 3, other primaries will be June 30, and runoffs on August 25. Most likely he will chose November 3 when both parties will be energized to vote by the Presidential contest.

The governor is supposedly close to finalizing his own health care plan which he calls a conservative approach to getting more federal funding into the Oklahoma health care system.

Other very conservative states have approved Medicaid expansion through voter initiatives, including Idaho, Nebraska and Utah, and just this week Kansas’ Democratic Governor reached an agreement with the Republican legislature to expand Medicaid.

It seems even the most Tea Party of states are finally, finally considering doing the right thing for their people.

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