I almost feel sorry for Joe Biden, especially with regards to how the Media has turned on him after he lost in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Let me explain.  

Since Joe Biden got into the race for the Democratic nomination, the Media and the Biden campaign have been telling the rest of the voting public that Biden is the best and strongest candidate because he can build a multiracial coalition of voters that can beat Donald Trump — white blue collar voters and black voters in critical states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016.  Lord knows that Chris Matthews of MSNBC had been pushing the Biden line and saying that Biden was Joe Six Pack.  And the NYT even wrote an article back in November of 2019 that white blue collar voters identified with Biden and were his strongest supporters.

Why Joe Biden Resonates With Blue-Collar Voters

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has durable support from a multiracial coalition of working-class voters who view him as one of their own.

Yes, the Media loved to report on Biden’s gaffes, but they marveled at his “durable” support that kept him at the top of national polls.  Then, The Atlantic noticed that Biden did not do well with white blue collar voters in Iowa on caucus night.  Those Iowan blue collar voters went either for Buttigieg or Sanders instead.  And New Hampshire showed that Biden couldn’t win the white blue collar voters there either.

Sorry Biden supporters, but we now have data points that show that Biden is not appealing to white blue collar voters.  And the white blue collar voters are a necessary component of Biden’s campaign strategy.  You may not like the Reverend Al Sharpton, but he aptly pointed out that black Democratic voters are not going to get Biden elected by themselves on Mr. Bothsiderists Chuck Todd’s MTP Daily show.

But now that there is some data to show Biden’s weaknesses, the Media that bought into Biden’s claim to electability are NOW, well, let me show you what they writing and saying:

Mr. Biden, 77, long the front-runner, has fallen behind two younger Democrats looking to seize the moderate mantle, and his candidacy is fragile.

This may encapsulate what the Media now recognizes about Joe Biden:

For months, Mr. Biden — until recently the leader in national polls — had appeared to be the clear choice of more centrist Democrats who rejected far-reaching proposals like “Medicare for all” championed by the most progressive candidates in the race. Yet there have also been signs of Mr. Biden’s struggles to excite voters, and to build a robust campaign organization after entering the race later than many of his rivals.

The above is from the NYT piece.  There have been “signs” of lack of exciting voters and building a decent campaign.  

Really?  There are “signs”?  Where the hell have they been for the last several months?  

Oh, and Biden supporter Chris Matthews is gushing about Buttigieg and/or Klobuchar now, and it is as if Biden has disappeared.  That and he is screaming about the evils of Bernie Sanders.  But Mr. “I know Pennsylvania and blue collar voters” Matthews barely mentions Joe Biden.

Before Biden’s electoral losses, he is on track to get the nomination and is the strongest candidate according to the Media.  Never mind that many outside the Media pointed out that Biden has run twice before for president and didn’t get anywhere.  And there were more than enough others who strongly disagreed with Biden’s campaign themes and political strategies as out of date or downright delusional. 

Only now does the Media say that Biden has feet of clay or is a dolt who screwed over the other centrist Democrats in the race.

As I said earlier, I almost feel sorry for Biden.  Like some star boxer who is way past his prime, the Media tells us how awesome Biden is until he takes some serious blows in the ring.  Then, those same Media fluffers boo about what a terrible fight the boxer is providing.

I think you can plug in any Democrat who has run for higher office into this standard Media play.  Build them up, then tear them down.  And never admit that you thought Democrat candidate X ever stood a chance to win.  For now, Biden is getting the treatment.

But Biden did set himself up for this possibility.  You cannot tell people that you are the most electable then start to lose.  I’ve seen this movie before with John Kerry back in 2004.  

Can Biden come back?  I doubt it, but I have been wrong before.  Black voters in SC may save Biden, but those voters in SC have other candidates to chose from.  From what I have read and heard, Tom Steyer is cutting into Biden’s support in SC.  And black voters want someone who can beat Trump.  If Biden doesn’t win Nevada, how do you think they will react when Biden has lost three in a row contests?

What I do know is that Biden is not getting the white voters he claimed he would get.

And I know that the Media is playing their old game of building a Democratic politico up before tearing him/her down.  Only Republicans get consistent good write ups from the Media.  Democrats get the rug pulled out beneath them and then get laughed at.

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