Because I’m at home, I get to see a lot of MSNBC living with my elderly Mom, and I have had this “emerging” Media narrative of Democrats are so politically screwed shoved into every orifice of my body.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Here are some of the elements of the Media narrative I have seen so far:

  • Trump and his lackeys are ignoring all Democratic subpeonas, and it will take so much time for this to get worked out in the courts.  Therefore, Trump is winning because he is dragging this out and making Democrats look powerless — in short, Democrats are LOSERS!
  • The other avenues that Democrats can utilize to try and compel oversight of Trump will not work, at least according to the Media narrative.  Once again, Democrats are powerless and looking like losers.
  • Subtext of all of the Democratic loserdom is “Can’t you guys be smarter and think of something creative?”  Democrats are DUMB!
  • Hey, in case you dummies in the Democratic Party did not notice, impeachment is not popular, so why are you wasting your time?  
  • You know that you all are divided, so why are you tearing yourself and the country apart on impeachment?
  • If you Democrats insist on impeachment, you will only LOSE!  More loserdom for you!  And you will piss all the voters off, and they will throw you out come 2020!
  • Why don’t you Democrats go back to passing bills and let voters decide about Trump next year?
  • OK.  Maybe you have some boring old “constitutional duty” to enforce your power as a third branch of the government, so why not just do it and get it over with?  But you are in a bind on this, and did we mention that you will lose because no Senate Republican will help you on impeachment?  You are all are fodder for the pussy grabber in chief in the White House!

Those are the essentials of the Media narrative on Democrats.  No matter what Democrats do, they will come out the losers.

Anyone notice what is missing from this Media narrative?  There is no mention that any of this political situation will prove just as hazardous for the pussy grabber.  None.  No talk about how Trump is threatening democracy with his actions.  No analysis that Trump is dumb.  No talk about how Trump’s agenda is going no where.  No mention of the obvious in your face corruption and abuse of power by Trump.  It’s just another beautiful day in Trumpland.

Translation:  only Democrats can overreach, never Donald Trump.

Of course, this Media narrative might work because it is being pushed by the same corrupt idiots who helped Trump win in the first place with $2 billion dollars of free air time in 2016.

  • May 2, 2019