Chuck Todd is attempting to create the false narrative from a poll that says otherwise that America is a country at the mythical center. It is not and the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey poll is clear.

Chuck Todd tries to turn a Progressive Country, Center

Todd starts well enough. In fact, the data he showed made it clear that on important issues both Democrats and the country as a whole are very Progressive.

“As the energy and enthusiasm of the Democratic primary moves to the left, our latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll found the overall electorate of registered voters seemed poised to reward a Democrat, but one who doesn't take things too far,” Chuck Todd said. “First, there is good news for progressive Democrats who do favor big change in a few areas. Take a look at support for providing free tuition at state colleges and universities. 81% of Democratic primary voters support that idea, compared with 58% of registered voters. So, a majority of voters overall, pretty good sign for that idea. And what about providing college for so-called Dreamers? 89% of Democrats support that, along with 67% of all registered voters, again, some synergy there. And remember when supporting a public option was considered politically risky? Well, 78% of Democrats support allowing people under 65 to buy their health coverage through a Medicare program, along with two-thirds of registered voters.”

But then Chuck Todd used two rather silly questions to make his point about the real direction of American Progressive thinking.

“But as some Democrats have argued, not all progressive ideas have a majority support among all voters,” Todd said. “Take certain parts of healthcare. While 64% of Democrats want to give government healthcare to undocumented immigrants, only 36% of all registered voters agree. And 63% of Democrats support a Medicare for all, single-payer healthcare system in which, quote, “private health insurance would be eliminated,” compared with only 41% of registered voters who would like to see that.”

First of all, everyone including undocumented people will get care in an emergency room. This will cost the system as a whole, more. That the media have allowed the narrative of undocumented healthcare coverage to fester without intelligent pushback is something Progressives can do nothing about in the short term. As such, it is not necessary to throw ourselves on the gauntlet for that as everyone will ultimately get coverage albeit in a manner that gives the Healthcare Industrial Complex more undeserved profits.

Notice that the Medicare for All poll question was loaded. It included the elimination of private insurance in a manner that was pejorative given that it attempted to make Americans believe they were losing something they needed. Private insurance just pays a bill. Do Americans really care who pays the bill if presented that way?

Chuck Todd using those questions as a reason for Democrats to tack to the center is silly, wrong, and disingenuous. He used that so he could finish his Data Dump segment with an ode to the Mythical Center.

“Look, for the past generation, pollsters have found this to be a center-right country on some of these policies, something that has favored moderate Republicans on some fiscal issues,” Todd said. “But while these numbers suggest a shift to the left, it's not yet to the extent that progressive Democrats may want. Maybe we're center-center or heading to center-left. … And these numbers hint that, if the party's nominee moves too far too fast to placate primary voters, he or she may have a hard time tacking back to the center in the fall.”

Bernie Sanders' popularity with young people is a clear indication of where the country is going. He has been preaching the Progressive message all of his political life. And Elizabeth Warren's adoption of the flavor of his message in a manner palatable to not only the youth but what is the majority of Americans points out an important fact. The realization that the center is a myth will occur in 2020. The Mythical Center is dying and is just in need of a few more politicians who really care about people to knock it out permanently.

  • September 22, 2019