Mean girl Maggie Haberman ABSOLUTELY cuts that nerd Avenatti, Heathers at the media lunch table join


Oh, oh did you see it?  Did you? I mean everybody is going to be talking about it today. Well, I mean Maggie Haberman just put that nerd Michael Avenatti right in his place. She just put a cut on him. Knife went through like butter. Ha ha ha. You deserve it Avenatti.  I mean Maggie, who is like the queen bee in the television appearance cafeteria — I mean everybody wants her right?  She’s got the access. She’s got the juice. Well she looks across to the seat where she usually sits and what does she see — Avanetti.  And he is mouthing off like nobody’s business and working her side of the street to boot.  I mean he may actually bring Donald Trump down before she makes enough money on her book deal.  And news show booking have been harder to come by since big mouth Avenatti started taking up all the air.

So Maggie, man she is so clever, she says that they are pitching a Crossfire 3.0 with Avenatti and the Mooch.  Did you see what our girl Maggie did there? Did you see?  She made Avanetti seem exactly like a vulgar blowhard who is usually a thousand miles from the truth. They are two sides of the same Crossfire!!! Oh snap. Double shot.  She makes Avenatti seem like the small, nothing nerd he is and she saves her book deal.  And then the other Heathers sitting at her media lunch table joined in.  Man, hilarity ensued. 

Michael Avenatti won’t be going near the wrong table in the lunch room any time soon if you know what I mean. That was soooooo cool!!!