#MealTeamSix goes to a Subway sandwich shop in Raleigh NC, because firearms fetishism

Another rally to resist sheltering by threatening a virus with firearms… this time in North Carolina. Fortunately there were only eleven of them. So much weirder with the fake weapons, making security theater less threatening.


Another day, another WTF moment from the anti-lockdown demonstrations.

As reported by TMZ on Saturday, about a dozen protesters were spotted inside a Subway sandwich shop chowing down and browsing the menu, all the while holding firearms. The bizarre scene was captured by News & Observer photojournalist Travis Long at a Subway location in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

But it gets a little stranger. Shortly after the photos were posted to social media, a number of users pointed out that some of the protesters' weapons were seemingly fake. Long confirmed the speculation, stating that the AT4 in the top left picture was inert, which means it could be a fake, a replica, or weapon that had been fired before, while the .50 caliber rifle in the bottom left picture was reportedly made from wood.





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