ME-Sen: “Susan Collins (R) Delivered 2018’s Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism”

First off, I hope all of my fellow Kossacks had a Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Hannukah. As we get ready to close out 2018, Lauren Sandler’s op-ed in the Huffington Post gives us a harsh look back at a certain action caused by a certain “Moderate Republican” Senator. Here’s a sample of this brutal critique:

The vote was bad enough. Sending a man the majority of Americans believe to have sexually assaulted someone to the court, conferring supreme judicial power to a second fabulist accused of sexual misconduct. Granting this man decisive power over the nation’s current and future female bodies. Swinging open the door for the real backlash against women’s outrage. But she not only sold out women’s bodies to confirm a Supreme Court justice selected explicitly to imprison them in enforced pregnancies: She dressed that vote up as a feminist call to arms.

Sen. Susan Collins could have simply, quietly, disappointingly voted to confirm this man. Instead, she ostentatiously wrapped her confirmation in a false feminine bow, grandstanding on the Senate floor for nearly 45 minutes. She dressed head to toe in taupe, the color of neutrality, and told women that the lesson of Christine Blasey Ford’s lasting trauma is that if Brett Kavanaugh committed such crimes on her 15-year-old body, Ford should have reported it.

Collins, Our Lady of Perpetual Moral Bankruptcy, droned on about how many survivors’ stories she’d heard over the preceding days, aligning herself with the popular rhetoric around believing women. Just not this one, she painstakingly attempted to explain, using debunked junk science, disregarding any credible neuropsychology about how trauma affects memory ― the very science Ford teaches at the university level, and which she explained patiently through her own testimony as her own expert witness.

It’s perhaps the ultimate anti-woman double-sided coin, to simultaneously dismiss both a woman’s expertise and her story. Blithely rejecting both her academic rigor and her sworn testimony ― whose hand was over her mouth, whose face pressed up against hers, whose cruel laughter rang forever in her ears, what she testified she was 100 percent certain about.

For too long, Collins has duped the voters of Maine that she is a moderate when really, she’s nothing but a fraud willing to do Trump’s bidding. We don’t know yet if she will run for re-election yet but whatever her decision will be, Democrats need to get ready to defeat her in order to remove Mitch McConnell (R. KY) as Senate Majority Leader and take back the U.S. Senate along with the White House.