ME-Sen: Sen. Chris Murphy (D. CT) Helps ME House Speaker Sara Gideon (D) Defeat Susan Collins (R)

Received this e-mail from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D. CT) in support of Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon’s (D. ME) U.S. Senate campaign:

Sara Gideon (D. ME)

There is likely no way to take back the Senate in 2020 if we do not flip Maine’s Senate seat.

But here’s the good news: this week, Sara Gideon announced her campaign to defeat Susan Collins.

She’s an incredible candidate. She’s been serving as Maine’s Speaker of the House since 2016, but she realized she had to consider running for Senate when Susan Collins abandoned Mainers’ values and voted for Brett Kavanaugh.

Now it’s our job to help her get started. She’s already facing her first FEC deadline on Sunday, and I want to help her have a strong launch.

Will you split a $5 donation between Sara Gideon and my campaign to help us take back the Senate? This is important.

Look, Susan Collins is a tough opponent. This race won’t be easy, but Sara can win.

The days of Susan Collins pretending to be a moderate are over. That was clear from the moment she cast her vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

We can make her pay a price for that vote by supporting Sara Gideon and flipping this seat. Let’s do it:

Split a $5 donation right now to help us flip this seat and take back the Senate next year.

Thank you in advance for making a donation. It will go a long way toward helping us flip this seat.

Every best wish,

Chris Murphy

Click here to donate to Gideon’s campaign.