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ME-Sen: Sen. Chris Murphy (D. CT) Continues To Help Sara Gideon (D) Defeat Susan Collins (R)

FILE - In this Nov. 29, 2018 file photo, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, poses in the House Chamber at the State House in Augusta, Maine. Gideon is challenging incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins in the 2020 election. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

I received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D. CT) in support of Sara Gideon’s (D. ME) U.S. Senate campaign:

Sara Gideon (D. ME)

Taking back the Senate has to be one of our top priorities next year. None of the progressive ideas being debated by our presidential candidates have a chance so long as Mitch McConnell controls the Senate.

The battle for the majority is heating up as we head into the election year, so I thought I’d share an update with you before asking for your help.

Every Senate candidate just had to put out their third fundraising quarter numbers, and we got great news. In nearly every seat that we have a chance to flip, we had a Democratic challenger outraise the incumbent Republican.

In places like Kentucky, Arizona and Maine, our candidates are building the kind of grassroots campaigns it will take to win.

But my Republican colleagues and their donors are taking notice and starting to fight back. That’s not great.

Over the weekend in Maine, Susan Collins even launched her first TV ad. She doesn’t have a primary to worry about, and the general election is over a year away. That’s nuts.

Today, I’m hoping you can help us keep our momentum from Q3 and make sure Sara Gideon has the resources that she needs to defeat Susan Collins.

Will you split a donation between Sara Gideon and my campaign to help us take back the Senate in 2020? This is important.

I’m working hard to get another Democrat elected in New England. I’ve gotten to know Sara, and I think she’s an exceptional candidate. She’s young and dynamic, but her years as Speaker of Maine’s House of Representatives means that she knows how to get the jobs done.

Look, after Susan Collins voted for Brett Kavanaugh, Mitch McConnell promised that she would be “well funded.” Given its proximity to the Boston media market, this race in Maine is going to get expensive, so these early investments are critical if we’re going to make sure Sara Gideon flips this seat.

Every best wish,

Chris Murphy

Click here to donate to Gideon’s campaign.