Received this e-mail today from Sara Gideon’s (D. ME) U.S. Senate campaign:

Mitch McConnell reconvened the Senate last week, but not to pass legislation that will help American families.

Instead, he reconvened the Senate to confirm more of Donald Trump’s judicial nominees — including this guy:

That’s Justin Walker, McConnell’s former intern who also clerked for Brett Kavanaugh. He’s a far-right partisan who openly opposes a woman’s right to choose AND the Affordable Care Act.

The fate of his confirmation will come down to just a few votes, so Senator Collins’s vote will be critical here. That’s why we’re asking you to speak out NOW before she casts her vote:

Sign our urgent petition to tell Senator Susan Collins to vote NO on Judge Walker’s confirmation.

Remember, this is a lifetime appointment. If Judge Walker is confirmed, he’ll be making decisions that will affect millions of Americans for generations. There’s too much at stake for us to sit back and let this happen, so we need your help to fight back.

– Team Sara

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