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ME-Sen: New Bangor Daily News Poll Has Sara Gideon (D) Beating Susan Collins (R) 43-35

Some very encouraging news today out of Maine:


Democrats are leading in Maine’s major races, according to a Bangor Daily News-Digital Research poll conducted in late July and early August.

House Speaker Sara Gideon held a 5-point lead over Sen. Susan Collins among likely voters in the closely watched U.S. Senate race. Freshman Rep. Jared Golden and former Vice President Joe Biden were up by even larger margins among registered voters in the poll, though Biden and President Donald Trump were virtually tied in the 2nd District.

Underlying those gaps is an electoral environment favoring Democrats for now. Collins, who has long prided herself as an independent voice in the Senate, has not been able to escape this so far, with half of voters seeing her as too tied to the extreme elements of her party.

Here’s some more info:


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