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ME-Sen: DFA Wastes No Time Helping Betsy Sweet (D) Kick Off Her Campaign To Defeat Susan Collins (R)

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America in support of Progressive champ, Bety Sweet’s (D. ME) U.S. Senate campaign:

Remember when so-called “moderate” Senator Susan Collins betrayed women everywhere and cast the deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanuagh to the Supreme Court?

I’ll personally never forget how I and millions of other women felt that day: infuriated, devastated, and terrified over what this reckless, immoral decision meant for our country, our lives, and our freedom.

Confirming a man accused of sexual assault to the highest bench in the nation is a stain on our history and on Collins’ Senate career. When I finally moved past the emotions I felt above, one single thought stuck in my mind: we need to defeat Susan Collins in 2020.

Today, Democrat Betsy Sweet announced her campaign to take on Collins for this Senate seat in Maine, and I’m letting you know right now that Democracy for America has her back in this critical fight, starting on Day One.

No doubt, this will be an uphill battle. Collins is a long-time incumbent, and she’s got the power of the GOP establishment and dark money groups backing her up. But Betsy has us, and the power of more than one million grassroots members like you to help her do the unthinkable.

That’s why I’m asking if you’ll pitch in a contribution of $10, or whatever you can afford, towards Betsy’s and DFA’s campaign to kick Collins out of office and turn this U.S. Senate seat blue — are you in?

It’s hard…I can’t even…when I think about the damage that Susan Collins has caused to our democracy, our civil rights, our courts, our government…it's astounding. The Supreme Court, with TWO Trump-appointed judges on the bench, is slated to take on cases impacting some of the most crucial aspects of our democracy and basic rights in the near future.

They can rule on anything from voting rights and gerrymandering, to Trump’s inhumane immigration policies, to attacks on the LGBTQ community like Trump’s transgender military ban — the list goes on. And if the right-leaning Supreme Court moves to overturn Roe v. Wade, millions of lives will be on Susan Collins’ hands.

That’s why we’re endorsing Betsy Sweet to kick Collins out of office and flip Maine blue. Believe me when I tell you — ALL eyes will be on Maine in 2020 — we need to be ready.

Send a strong message to the GOP that we won’t put up with Collins in the Senate any longer by donating to DFA and Betsy’s campaign now.

The GOP isn’t about to let their best fake-moderate slip away so easily. Every grassroots gift could be the difference between winning and losing in this competitive race. That’s why Betsy needs every single one of us to step up and help her defeat the Republican establishment.

Think about what kind of message it would send to Collins, to Trump, and to the Republican party as a whole if we kicked out the Senator who made the deciding vote to put Kavanaugh on the highest court in the land? It would be an undeniable message of people-power, and the ultimate rejection of their ruthless conservative agenda at the expense of those they serve.

We’re ready to get to work and make it happen. Thanks for fighting alongside us,


Yvette Simpson, CEO
Democracy for America

Click here to donate to Sweet’s campaign.

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