ME-Sen: Bangor Residents Register Voters By Throwing Sen. Susan Collins (R) A Retirement Party

I like this:


This Sunday morning some Bangor resident decided to throw Senator Susan Collins a retirement party. The event was co-organized by Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

Everyone was required to wear a mask at the event.
The party happened at Peirce Memorial Park next to the Bangor Public Library.
“We are here today to have a retirement party for Senator Collins, the last three and a half years the grand party has taken a wrecking ball to our country, Trump and all of the enablers including Susan Collins have denigrated our democracy, have trashed our economy, have ruined people's health,” said Melissa Berky, a Bangor resident and one of the organizers of the event.

A voter registration table was also available for anyone who still wants to register to vote for this upcoming election.

I love seeing this type of action. Let’s keep up the momentum and defeat Collins. Click here to donate and get involved with Sara Gideon’s (D. ME) campaign.

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