received this e-mail today from the League of Conservation Voters in support of Sara Gideon (D. ME), Cal Cunningham (D. NC) and Ben Ray Lujan’s (D. NM) U.S. Senate campaigns:

With so much national attention focused on defeating the Trump administration and winning back the White House, critical races are being overlooked.

The path to winning a pro-environment Senate majority next year won't be easy. With the latest projections, the map heavily favors anti-environment incumbents like Senators Susan Collins and Thom Tillis, paving the way for Mitch McConnell to hold onto the majority. On top of that — with the presidential primary sucking so much of the oxygen out of the room, the Senate campaigns that we must win don't have the necessary resources to change the course of the race.

You can help with that. We have the candidates to build a new pro-environment Senate — if you can help. If we don't succeed, Mitch McConnell will continue to block all action against climate change and remove key regulations protecting our clean air and water. We cannot afford to let that continue.

Sara Gideon, Cal Cunningham, and Ben Ray Luján need your help today to bring environmental wins to Maine, North Carolina, and New Mexico. These are crucial, must-win races in order to win a pro-environment Senate. Will you help them?

The only way to fight climate change and to protect critical clean air and water regulations is to check Mitch McConnell and his allies in the Senate. Donate $5 to Sara Gideon, Cal Cunningham, and Ben Ray Luján through GiveGreen today »


Sara Gideon is running to unseat polluter-backed Mitch McConnell ally, Senator Susan Collins. Gideon has a proven track record on fighting for the environment as an elected official: She pushed for a ban on pesticide use on green spaces while town councilor of Freeport and helped pass strong climate legislation as Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. Meanwhile, Susan Collins continues to provide key votes for the Trump administration's anti-environment agenda. Mainers need a climate champion in the Senate to protect coastal towns and national parks — chip in $5 today directly to Sara so that she has the funds needed to defeat Susan Collins.


Cal Cunningham also has experience passing landmark legislation in the North Carolina State Senate and currently helps run a nationally recognized waste reduction company that focuses on reducing environmental impacts. Cunningham cosponsored a bill that reduced toxic pollutants from state coal-fired power plants by 70%. His opponent, Senator Thom Tillis, has an abysmal 7% lifetime score on LCV's National Environmental Scorecard. This race is up for grabs if Cunningham gets the support from environmental supporters like you. Please, donate $5 so that Cal can continue to fight for clean air regulations for all North Carolinians.


Ben Ray Luján, the 4th ranking member of the House, understands how important climate leadership is. Representative Luján has an outstanding 96% lifetime score on LCV's National Environmental Scorecard from his tenure representing New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District — and now New Mexicans need that track record and leadership from Luján in the Senate. Luján's experience at passing climate legislation at the federal level will be crucially important next year as we transition away from the McConnell and Trump agenda. Ben is a proven climate champion — please donate directly to his campaign to ensure he has the funds needed to keep the New Mexico Senate seat in pro-environment hands.

These three candidates have all been endorsed by LCV Action Fund because they are committed to protecting clean air and water safeguards, preserving public lands, and investing in renewable energy so that all families benefit in an equitable climate future.

Donate $5 directly to Sara, Cal, and Ben's campaigns today through GiveGreen so that they can continue to push back against their opponents' anti-environment agenda »

Flipping the Senate will not be easy, but the same thing was said about flipping the House during the 2018 elections. When environmental supporters like you come together to support our champions, real change can be made.

Thank you for your continued support.


Brooke Still
Director of Digital Strategy
LCV Victory Fund

Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Click here to donate to Gideon, Cunningham and Lujan’s campaigns.

  • December 9, 2019
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