Received this e-mail today from the Council for a Livable World:

Too much of modern politics revolves around fundraising, especially after the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision.

But when Leo Szilard created this organization in 1962, he emphasized the importance of both “the sweet voice of reason’’ and raising funds for congressional skeptics of war and nuclear weapons.

The genius of this method has been proven by the most recent three-month fundraising period that ended March 31. Traditionally, Senate incumbents have a major fundraising advantage over challengers. Yet in key Senate races, CLW-endorsed challengers out-raised their incumbent opponents.


In Maine, Sara Gideon (D) has overcome incumbent Sen. Susan Collins' months-long campaigning advantage and four terms in office to pull into a tie both in polls and fundraising.


In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham (D) started the race as an underdog with a tough primary challenge, but is now considered to be in a close race with incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis, who still has far more cash on hand than Cunningham.


Former Governor John Hickenlooper (D) out-raised Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner for the second quarter in a row. The incumbent has a larger campaign treasury, but Hickenlooper is catching up.


Retired NASA astronaut and combat veteran Mark Kelly (D) has consistently run ahead of incumbent Arizona Sen. Martha McSally in both fundraising and public opinion polls.


In one of the biggest political feats this year, retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath (D) has out-raised Senate Majority Leader and master fundraiser Mitch McConnell (R) in Kentucky, and has already caught up to McConnell’s cash on hand.


Finally, former educator and South Carolina Democratic Party chair Jaime Harrison (D) had a record-breaking quarter and out-raised incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), who had been planning to skate through this election in a very conservative state.

But all this good news should not halt the enthusiastic efforts of progressives in these six states and across the country. There are still six long months of campaigning ahead, and with the coronavirus drastically changing day-to-day life in this country, candidates have to find new ways to connect with voters now that door-to-door canvassing is impossible.

All six Senate candidates deserve your continued support to create a progressive national security majority in the Senate. Could you donate to any or all of their campaigns?

Thank you for your interest in and support of Leo Szilard’s plan to build a more livable world. Together, we can take back the Senate.


Geoff Wilson
Political Director
Council for a Livable World

Click here to donate to flip these six Senate seats from red to blue.

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