ME, IA, TX & KY-Sen: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D. NY) Helps These 4 Amazing Women Become Senators


Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D. NY) in support of Sara Gideon (D. ME), Theresa Greenfield (D. IA), MJ Hegar (D. TX) and Amy McGrath’s (D. KY) U.S. Senate campaigns:

Democrats need to net just four Senate seats in 2020 to take back the majority.

So today, I’m going to tell you about four amazing women (and fellow moms!) running for Senate who will get it done: Sara Gideon (Maine), Theresa Greenfield (Iowa), MJ Hegar (Texas), and Amy McGrath (KY).

I’m also going to ask you to support their campaigns: If you’re ready to put a stop to Mitch McConnell’s stranglehold on Washington, please split a contribution between Sara, Theresa, MJ, and Amy today.

I’ve spent time with each of these women, and I can tell you: They’re the real deal.

  • Sara Gideon is the daughter of an immigrant and Speaker of the Maine House. She is a fierce defender of women’s reproductive freedom, and has led Maine’s fight to combat the opioid epidemic. She’s a fresh, dynamic leader who knows how to work across the aisle to deliver results.
  • Growing up on a farm, Theresa Greenfield learned the values that make her the perfect candidate to flip Iowa’s Senate seat. After Theresa’s first husband tragically died on the job as a union electrical worker, Social Security and workers compensation helped her through tough spots as a single mom. She understands—better than most—just how critical these programs are.
  • MJ Hegar has never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome. An Air Force veteran who served three tours in Afghanistan, MJ fought to overturn the law that barred women from serving in ground combat—and won. With MJ on the ticket, we can turn Texas blue.
  • Amy McGrath has dedicated her life to public service: A retired marine fighter pilot, Amy was the first woman to fly in an F/A-18 fighter jet in combat, and flew 89 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her opponent, Mitch McConnell? His idea of patriotism seems to be obstructing progress and putting party over country.

We can take back the Senate majority this November—and with it, we can build a powerful firewall of women standing up to the GOP’s reckless agenda.

But in order for them to win their tight races against well-funded Republican opponents, they'll need support from each and every one of us.

Please, split a contribution between Sara, Theresa, MJ, and Amy’s campaigns today. Join me in investing early in women’s leadership.

Thank you,

Click here to donate to Gideon, Greenfield, Hegar and McGrath’s campaigns.

  • January 16, 2020
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