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ME, CO & KY-Sen: Council For A Livable World Doubles Down On Flipping These 3 Senate Seats

Received this e-mail today from the Council for a Livable World:

The latest edition of the highly reliable Cook Political Report states that the Senate majority is in play.

Cook's Jennifer Duffy writes, “Democrats appear to have expanded the playing field enough to put Republicans' majority at risk.”

Council for a Livable World is backing three of those candidates who can dislodge Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. With McConnell back in the minority, we could finally see a Senate that can stand up to hawks across the government, especially if President Trump wins reelection in 2020.


Sara Gideon (D-ME) is in a close contest against Sen. Susan Collins, and has attracted support from across the country in her bid to upset the previously unbeatable incumbent. She is passionate about arms control, and we know she would be a great ally and advocate for our cause.


Former governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) is running against one of the most vulnerable Republican Senators, Sen. Cory Gardner, a first-term Senator in what political experts rate as a toss-up race. Hickenlooper cares deeply about nuclear issues, having joined the nuclear freeze movement in the 1980s.


And Amy McGrath (D-KY) is directly taking on the least popular Senator in the country, McConnell himself, the master of partisan gridlock. McGrath is already out-fundraising McConnell, who will have essentially unlimited campaign money at his disposal. McGrath, a former military officer, has been outspoken in support of the Iran nuclear deal, and details her thoughts on North Korea and Iran on her campaign website.

We are coming to the end of the last Federal Election Commission fundraising quarter of 2019. These three endorsed candidates need a strong campaign boost to close the books on this year and head into 2020 in strong shape.

Will you help each candidate with a contribution before the end of the year?

Thank you for your time and generous support. We would not be here without you.


John Tierney
Executive Director
Council for a Livable World
Member of Congress, 1997

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