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MD-Gov: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Teams Up With DFA To Help Ben Jealous (D) Defeat Larry Hogan (R)

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) in support of Ben Jealous’ (D. MD) gubernatorial campaign:


Maryland's darn lucky to have a progressive champion like Ben Jealous running for governor.

I'm rolling up my sleeves and — along with my friends at DFA — getting to work for Team Jealous because, like me, Ben's a fighter who knows how to stand up for his values and win big for working folks. At a time when a lot of politicians run to the left or to the right, Ben's running toward the people. And that's exactly the kind of leader Maryland needs in the Governor's Mansion.

But the Republican he's running against? He's a different story. I saw that he called Ben's plans for Maryland “pie in the sky.” Really? Making sure that everyone in Maryland can get a good-paying job and access quality, affordable health care counts as pie in the sky? Only if you're more worried about collecting checks from big corporations than you are about getting things done for working people.

Here's the problem, though: Thanks to his corporate sponsors, Ben's Republican opponent has millions to spend, and that money's already being used for dishonest attack ads. So here's what I'm asking: Ben needs to raise as much money online as possible right now to fight back — donate $5 or more today.

Why is Ben's race on my must-win list? Under the current administration, Maryland is stalling. Ben will be a champion for working Maryland families, starting with fully funding education by closing the $2.9 billion funding gap that's grown under this Republican governor. Ben will work to create universal pre-K and make college more affordable using revenue from criminal justice reform and legalizing marijuana. It's a bold agenda, but nobody is better suited to realize Maryland's potential than Ben.

I watched Ben lead the NAACP and saw firsthand his resolve and strength in the face of tough fights. Ben brought a fresh energy to the historic group and ushered in an era of unprecedented growth. He's helped lead the movement to abolish Maryland's death penalty and to protect DREAMers.

Bottom line: Nobody takes on more important fights, and nobody wins more battles, than my friend Ben Jealous.

So when Ben talks about a new path forward for Maryland, his plans aren't “pie in the sky” — they are real, concrete policy proposals that will deliver the progress families need.

But it's up to us to make sure Ben gets the chance to deliver that progress as Maryland's next governor.

Ben needs the funds to get his winning progressive message out to voters right now — donate $5 or more to boost his campaign and to support the work DFA is doing to help him win.



Click here to donate to Jealous’ campaign.

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