Received this e-mail today from Ben Jealous’ (D. MD) on behalf of Democracy for America:

On Thursday night, at his rally in Montana, Donald Trump finally did it — he attacked me personally:

“In Maryland, the Democrat candidate for governor wants to give illegal aliens free college tuition, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Come on in, free college!”

He attacked my plan to extend tuition-free community college to all Maryland residents, including DREAMers. And he attacked it with the same hateful language he always uses — rhetoric meant to divide us.

I'm calling on Larry Hogan to reject this divisive rhetoric, agree that all of Maryland's children deserve a quality education, and publicly reject Donald Trump's efforts to campaign for him.

Until then, we need to show that we're united: Donate $5 or more to my campaign and to DFA now to show we stand overwhelmingly against Donald Trump's politics of fear and hate.

We can't ignore that Maryland's GDP, which has experienced dismal growth under Larry Hogan's tenure, would increase by more than $1.6 billion if just half of Maryland's DACA-eligible residents completed their education requirements for legal permanent status. DREAMers in Maryland currently contribute more than $40 million annually in state and local taxes.

Donald Trump has raised $100,000 for Hogan's campaign this cycle. Now, we see the impact of this tainted Trump cash.

So I've got to ask: If we aren't running against a Trump Republican, why is Donald Trump out campaigning for him anyway and donating thousands of dollars, too?

Maryland needs courageous leadership at the state level willing to stand up for Maryland values: If you agree, donate $5 or more now to fight back against Donald Trump's hateful attacks on this campaign.



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