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McConnell Needs To Send a Thank You Note To Matt Bevin.

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If I was McConnell, I would be sending a big “Thank You!” note to Governor Matt Bevin.  Like other Daily Kossacks, I want to see McConnell under a microscope for all his political evil and rank corruption, but guess what the focus has been in the local media?  Yes, Matt “Mr. Freeze” Bevin and his stupid and cruel comments about Kentucky kids being soft for not standing out in Artic temperatures waiting for buses.  Meanwhile, a man who helped engineer a government shutdown for 35 days and hurt maybe millions of people is barely getting a write up because of Mr. Freeze.

This is one of the keys to McConnell’s success in KY.  

McConnell has had to share the stage with many Kentucky politicians, and there are many instances when other Kentucky politicos go out of their way to show stupidity, cruelty, or rank corruption.  And while McConnell exhibits all of those same vices, he knows when to shut up and pull his head into his shell.  McConnell’s self-preservation instincts have served him very well, especially when he has fucked up and done damage to the country.

Bevin only demonstrated his stupidity and cruelty with a comment.  And he is rightly villified.  But McConnell has financially hurt at least 800,000 government workers and God knows how many contractors with this government shutdown.  And while Trump is getting the lion’s share of the blame for the government shutdown, McConnell helped by doing nothing to stop it.

Until his caucus started to rebel.

I cannot find much about this in the local or state media.  I can find any number of articles and comments about Mr. Freeze though. I know because I posted about them here on Daily Kos.

Thanks for everyone who put me on the recommendations list for that, by the way.

But this is what drives me nuts about McConnell.  His political luck is good.  McConnell manages to either draw bad competitors, or some “nitwit” like Matt Bevin one ups McConnell and gets all the attention.

Oh Merlin!  Give it time!  Winter does not last forever!  A Democrat will come along in 2020, and…

There are any number of Democratic bodies that have piled up over the decades under McConnell.  And if you want to get depressed, I will go through the list some other time to show how Kentucky Democratic Party incompetence has helped keep McConnell in power.  But never underestimate McConnell’s luck and timing.  

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