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McConnell Goes Into His Shell and Tells Trump To Come Up With His Own Replacement for the ACA.

Just as with Trump’s government shutdown, McConnell has decided to go into his shell and wait for Trump to come up with a “replacement” plan for the ACA.  Instead, McConnell will act like the snapping turtle he is and just keep attacking Democrats on healthcare.  As for Trump, “You are on your own!”

I’m not sure of the “wisdom” of McConnell’s political strategy on healthcare.

It’s the whole government shutdown strategy again.  McConnell worked out a budget deal, and Trump blew it up because there was no money for a wall and promptly shutdown the government.  It hurt people and was unpopular, but McConnell was hell bent on not passing anything “unless the president signs off on it.”  

But all of a sudden commerical planes stop flying, and McConnell calls up Trump and tells him, “This is over!”  To mollify the baby in the White House, McConnell promises that he will support a declaration of a national emergency.  This way Trump can steal the money for his Wall.

The national emergency is now tied up in the courts, and it is not popular.

Now, here we are at repealing the ACA through the courts, which Trump has enthusiastically signed up for.  Con artist Trump promises that “Republicans will be the Party of Healthcare!”  This is despite the fact that Republicans have done nothing but try to take away healthcare from millions of people over the last several years and have no real alternative to the ACA.

McConnell may think that putting the onus about healthcare on Trump will shut him up.  But when has Trump ever shut up?  I suspect that McConnell thinks that trying to make the baby in the White House do homework on healthcare will keep Trump busy, but Trump doesn’t do homework.  He is not a details kind of guy.

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Therefore, I predict that Trump will treat repeal and replace the ACA like the wall.  Trump will keep bringing it up and reminding everyone that has no real plan.  In fact, he is on the record wanting to take healthcare away from tens of millions of people.  And because this is all about vindictiveness — destroying any legacy of Obama, Trump will be like that Energizer Bunny.  He will keep going, and going, and going.  

The only bit of good news for McConnell in all of this is that Trump is still golden in KY.  As long as the evil snapping turtle doesn’t bite Trump in the ass, Kentuckians won’t notice that Trump and McConnell want to eliminate healthcare for approximately 500,000 people in KY.  And McConnell is up in 2020.

Not sure how all those other Republican senators up for reelection in 2020 feel about McConnell’s political survival strategy though.

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