McCarthy identified other guy as paid by Putin, now claims Middle East terrorists coming over border

The GOP hunt for unicorns continues as only the southern border seems to leak Middle Eastern terrorists (not). This fiction was floated during the “caravan” scare pimped during the midterm election and is a continuation of the “Muslim Ban” from the first month of the Trump regime.

“Sir Lanka” (whoever he is), is the origin of terrorists, even if they’ve decided to take a detour through Mexico, says the GOP leader, because you shouldn’t think there are a plethora of RW domestic terrorists who are the real threat to America.

We know Kevin McCarthy’s more like his forebear Charlie, but he unashamedly repeats tropes leftover from prior decades because the GQP’s got nothing important for you to fear.

As usual, the GOP thinks you shouldn’t pay attention to the hundreds of domestic terrorist insurrectionists being prosecuted from the 1/6 DC attack.

  • March 16, 2021