One month ago, Mayor Pete appeared on Fox News and utterly demolished them when they tried to justify Trump attacking and smearing our fighting men and women in uniform. They had a D-list anchor who was out of his league trying to attack, and it did not go well. I haven’t seen that guy back since.

I said in a the diary covering it that it changed my mind about Buttigieg going on Fox News.  It’s super hard for Fox to use dishonest, strawman arguments when a liberal fighter is standing in front of you. Fox News tried to entrap him at a terribly biased town hall that he agreed to do, but the audience gave him a standing ovation when it was over—infuriating Trump. If you go after Mayor Pete, you better bring your A game.

Fox, not looking like they learned their lesson, invited him back on and tried to go after Kamala Harris. This was their “A-team.”   This is how it went:


Oh Fox. 

Maybe next time….