Mayor of Doral heard about G7 plans from Mulvaney press conference

You’re not the only one surprised that Donald Trump is corruptly using his office to boost his own company’s profits. (Okay, you’re not surprised. Who are we kidding?)

Apparently, Juan Carlos Bermudez, the mayor of Doral, Florida, where Donald Trump’s very posh and expensive bedbug hatchery is currently located, was taken aback as well.

From Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, who has done yeoman’s work in exposing Trump’s self-dealing and corruption over the past four years:


And what are the chances the G7 will create enormous costs and burdens that the town of approximately 60,000 winsome souls will never be reimbursed for? Technically, it would be impossible for the chance to be higher than 100 percent, right? — so I’ll say 100 percent.

But that doesn’t matter, so long as Trump’s gaping cash-sinkhole of a resort rakes in some filthy lucre courtesy of his no-bid “contract.”

In other words, Mulvaney lied when he said Trump didn’t need to do this for his bottom line. Since he became president, his resort’s revenue has dropped lower than his balls on a muggy Miami night.

Also, wouldn’t adding to a huge pile of cash with even more ill-gotten booty kind of make it worse? 

No matter how you slice it, this is rank corruption. And there’s really no way to argue around that.

But, hey, let’s look into Barack Obama’s book and Netflix deals.


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