Maybe the DCCC would once pick the more progressive candidate to back – just for Lulz


I’m sorry but enough is enough.  The DCCC is just horrible and I’m beginning to think that DailyKos is just as bad.  What is happening in the California 48th is just making me sick.  Compare these two articles on the DCCC’s entry into the 48th between Talking Points Memo and Dailykos.  48th TPM and 48th DK.  In both articles there is a description of the DCCC backing Rouda instead of Kierstead.  While TPM, which is kind of progressive but more straight forward news makes it clear that Kierstead is the more progressive candidate the DKOS article is much more wishy washy (while saying on all other levels they are pretty much even).  To add insult to injury there is a link to Rouda but not to Kierstead. The DKOS article also salivates over how much more money Rouda is putting in to his race (something TPM does not really mention). The DKOS article also does not mention the poll that has Kierstead in second place ahead of Rouda. There do not seem to be any polls that have Rouda ahead.  And yet the DKOS article ends by saying, “Hey, what are you going to do, we got to get one of them out and so it’s going to be Kierstead.”  It is an ugly situation and an ugly article that just increases progressive distrust of DCCC, Nancy Pelosi and DKOS. 

I sided with DKOS during the 2016 primary and their emphasis on Hillary Clinton. I was wrong. I’m sorry. They have a lot of soul searching to do. As for the DCCC, there needs to be some serious house cleaning, starting at the top.