It was shortly after 8 AM in the old Women’s Hospital in New York City.   According to the certificate the mother was Sylvia and the father was Louis, both now long since passed away, the mother, born in 1915, in 1963, the father, born in 1911, in 1995.

Since coming into the world on that date 73 years ago today, I have lived in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens);  Larchmont NY;  Ardmore, PA; Rosemont, PA; Media PA;  Philadelphia; Arlington VA (the last since 1982); and had legal residences in Lido Beach on LI and at Haverford College.  I have amassed a BA and two MAs, as well as dropping out of undergraduate 3 times (almost 27 wheh getting my first degree), as well as quitting two masters and two doctoral programs, the last with a dissertation more than half written.  I have served in the Marines, sold cars, sold encyclopedias and other items door to door; managed the game room at Cafe Figaro in Greenwich Village (in1968), sold incense, sold books, spent more than 20 years with computers; worked part-time in bars and tutoring and doing odd jobs and probably other things I no longer remember.  Since 1995 I have largely supported myself as a teacher.

I have been restless in many ways. Saying I lived in three boroughs of NYC understates how often I moved —  I can remember at least ten residences among the three, and that does not include two different hotels in which I was for various times resident.  I have even in the two fields in which I have worked the longest, computers (20+ years) and teaching 22), I have rarely stayed in a job for more than a few years, and since retiring in 2012 have taught in a different school each year, one year in two different schools.   I have been in all three branches of Judaism, the Episcopal Church, the Orthodox Church, and since 2002 the Quakers, along the way picking up one masters at a Roman Catholic Seminary. 

When I was younger I had a trail of broken relationships of various kinds, the break-ups almost always my fault. The one point of stability in my life begins on Sept 21, 1974, when I encountered at a train station a young lady I knew slightly and whose family I new a bit better.  Our first official date was 6 days later, and we have been together ever since, even when an ocean separated us while she spent 3 years at Oxford on a Marshall Scholarship after four years at Harvard (while I lived near Philadelphia).  We married December 29, 1985, and somehow, despite my restlessness, have managed to stay in that condition ever since.

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