My local chapter of Indivisible shared Matt’s post. I have no idea who Matt is, but his post has gone viral. I know we have another 2 months of 45’s divisiveness, his cruelty and we will be subjected to more horror and heartache before this monster finally exits in January.

However, the Biden and Harris win over the loser crybaby still warm my heart, his reign of terror is finally coming to an end. Perhaps in January, the tension in the muscles of our shoulders relax and we can finally breathe. 

Matt’s post!

Good night red hats,

Good night cruel chants,

Good night sycophants.

Good night wall,

Good night cages,

Good night endless midnight rages.

Good night fine people on both sides,

Good night losers, good night suckers,

Good night evil nasty fuckers.

Good night Ivanka,

Good night Jared,

Good night Baron, we hardly knew ya.

Good night thief,

Good night grief,

Good night cruel and callous chief.

Good night fake news,

and Fox and Friends.

This is how the nightmare ends.

Good night at last,

It’s time to go,

The American people told you so.

  • November 16, 2020