Massacre Mitch's Offices: “We Are Experiencing a High Volume of Calls…”

I tried to call Massacre Mitch’s Senate Offices today — Louisville and the main one in D.C., and all I get is a recording telling me that if I am trying to call during office hours, “We are experiencing a high volume of calls…But your call if very important to us.”  Then, they hang up on me.  

This is typical of Massacre Mitch.  During the attempt to repeal the ACA, it was virtually impossible to get through to his office on the phone.  I did manage to finally get someone on the phone back then, but I felt so strongly about what Massacre Mitch was trying to do that I went down to his office.  When I reported my views on the positives of the ACA, the guy at the front desk at his office told me that my previous call was not recorded in their system.

Uh huh.

So the evil snapping turtle has pulled into his shell and won’t be hearing from his constituents.  Again.  When he has recovered from his supposed shoulder injury, Massacre Mitch will tell all of us that he heard from his constituents not to infringe on their Second Amendment right.