Mary Trump, niece of IMPOTUS* may unravel the Trump campaign

Aside from providing documents for the NY Times investigation of Trump finances, Mary Trump is also a clinical psychologist. The tell-all book coming out should be at least interesting when The Donald sues her. Darn that male rage.

Mary Trump, 55, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. and eldest grandchild of Fred Trump Sr., is scheduled to release Too Much And Never Enough on Aug. 11, just weeks before the Republican National Convention.

One of the most explosive revelations Mary will detail in the book, according to people familiar with the matter, is how she played a critical role helping The New York Times print startling revelations about Trump’s taxes, including how he was involved in “fraudulent” tax schemes and had received more than $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire.…

There has been bad blood between Mary Trump and her brother, Fred Trump III, and her aunts and uncles, especially Donald Trump, dating back to 2000, when the two children of Fred Trump Jr. sued their relatives to contest the will of Fred Trump Sr., according to The Daily Beast. In a December 2000 article in the New York Daily News, Mary Trump spoke about the dispute, along with her brother and sister-in-law. According to the article, the feud centered around the $100 to $300 million left behind by Fred Trump Sr. after his June 1999 death.

Mary Trump and Fred Trump III sought one-fifth of their grandfather’s estate, according to the Daily News, claiming it would have been given to their father if he were alive. All of Fred Trump Sr.’s grandchildren received $200,000 from the estate, and the majority was split between his four surviving children. Mary Trump and Fred Trump III argued it should have been split five ways. According to the Daily News, Donald Trump said he was fulfilling his father’s wishes to not treat Mary and Fred III differently than the other grandchildren. He said his niece and nephew were not given special treatment because the family did not like their mother

Fred Trump Jr.’s children also claimed that Donald, Maryanne and Robert Trump retaliated against them for filing the lawsuit by cutting off the medical coverage Fred Trump Sr. had provided to his family for decades. That decision greatly affected Fred Trump III, whose son, William, was born with health issues, including seizures that led to cerebral palsy.…

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