Martha Raddatz attack Homeland Security Sec. while appeasing Trump’s immoral immigration policies

Martha Raddatz attack Homeland Security Sec. while appeasing Trump's immoral immigration policies

Martha Raddatz disrespectfully attacks Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for not maintaining Trump’s border policies.

Martha Raddatz biased attack on HS Secretary

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It has been clear for some time that Martha Raddatz has been harder on Democrats than Republicans. One would have to come to the conclusion that she has very conservative proclivities. But this performance shows a certain disrespect of and hostility to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The tonality and text of her first question were bordering on an attack.

She first pointed out the reality that the volume of migrants coming over is substantial. She continued to hammer the less than 60 days old administration, where the former president denied access during the transition and where migration was way on the way before the president took office. As a competent journalist, she knows that.

Throughout the interview, Mayorkas explained that they are doing several things at the same time. However, he made it clear that as a humane administration, he intends to follow the law of the United States and its values. Unaccompanied children, unlike Donald Trump, will not be returned to the desert, an immoral march to their deaths.

None of that seemed to matter to Raddatz. In fact, she mostly ignored his statements and continued on an accusatory and attacking narrative. Mayorkas maintained his composer and stayed on point. The administration deals with the children humanely, while it must turn away many adults while rebuilding an immigration system Trump decimated.

Imagine if Raddatz and other mainstream media journalists had held Donald Trump accountable for all of his evil, inhumane, and failed acts. We would not have had the insurrection. We likely would not have had the many white supremacist attacks. We would not have had an uncontrolled pandemic. And we would not have had an economy in shambles. Proper news coverage matters.

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  • March 22, 2021