Marjorie Taylor Greene gets some advice from Tiffany Cross as she skewers the congresswoman.

Marjorie Taylor Greene gets some advice from Tiffany Cross as she skewers the congresswoman.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) should not ever cross paths with Tiffany Cross as her shenanigans would likely be turned into an embarrassing situation.

Marjorie Taylor Greene taken down by Tiffany Cross

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Tiffany Cross is very good at putting things in not only an entertaining form but a visceral and piercing reality. She did it here again as she completely took down MTG. Her segment tackled the congresswoman without holding any punches back.

Marjorie Taylor Greene really wants to be a star,” Tiffany Cross said. “Like, really bad. So bad she is actually stalking an actual legislative star, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like she is Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.”

She pointed out that MTG is touring the country with suspected sex-trafficker Matt Gaetz. It is true to form. Cross made something clear in her MTG takedown. Republicans are masters at projection.

  • While the MAGA / GQP / QAnon crowd accused Democratic leaders of sex trafficking in the Pizzagate conspiracy, it is Matt Gaetz, MTG’s running pal, alleged to be a sex trafficker.
  • While Republicans like to talk about Americans on the dole, Cross framed the non-performing congresswoman as being on the dole herself from the taxpayers.
  • While the congresswoman and her ilk voted against the American Rescue Plan, it turns out she gave her campaign $450,000 after she got several hundred thousand dollars worth of PPP money.
  • While the congresswoman and her ilk like to presume they are more patriotic than anyone else, they attempted to overthrow the United States Government.

Cross gave MTG some advice. She pointed out that Obamacare affords her mental care. She suggested that the congresswoman use it to get better and then start doing the work she was hired to do instead of trying to be a star.

Tiffany Cross was clear, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the face of the GOP.

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  • May 18, 2021